The Beginning . . .

Today is the last day of 2011. As I write this, there are just nine hours left till the new year. I am excited about what 2012 will bring, but am even more excited about what 2011 brought.

All my life I have struggled with shyness, lack of confidence and lack of people skills. Over the last few years, God has been working with me to overcome these issues, but this last year was the breakthrough. No more could one use the word shy to describe me. My confidence is bordering on too much! And thanks to a business that requires one to have people skills, I am ever learning and gaining in that department.

God’s lesson for me this year has been in faith. Over and over this year I have heard “Have faith in my provision“, “I will always provide“, “Have faith in me” and as my part time job hours have been decreased and decreased and decreased to a point where I can not support my frugal lifestyle, He has shown this to be true by providing through my business what I had previously thought to be impossible.

He has demanded of me over and over to sponsor in faith and though each time I have struggled to obey, I have been blessed beyond belief each and every time. Now as this new year is about to start, my guaranteed income will be half of what I need to survive every month and my Compassion child support is nearly half that, yet I have no fear. I KNOW He will provide the work for me to earn what is needed. As I took on each of my sponsored children, He promised to provide for them; and He promised to provide for me.

As 2012 is about to begin, I am believing in impossible things to come to pass this year. I pray and believe that I will be able to sponsor more children and plant more seeds for Christ throughout the world. I pray and believe that He will honor my desire to travel and see the world. I pray and believe that I will have surplus to set aside for my children’s adoptions so I can bring home the children to whom He has chosen for me to be a mother.

Faith has opened my eyes to God’s plan. For the first time, I can see my future clearly. I know what I desire for my future and I know what God has called me to do. And I am thrilled. Bring it on 2012!

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